You often see folks holding their wine glass by the bowl.

Especially when they’re drinking red wine.

However, as most wine connoisseurs know, this is not the proper etiquette. For it leaves their greasy fingerprints over the glass, for all to see.

A possible reason why so many make this mistake:

If you take a look at cheaper, machine-made wine glasses, you’ll see that very little thought has been given to the part where the stem meets the bowl. It’s usually just a sloppy join, or it tapers at an abrupt angle.

As a result, when you hold one of these mass-produced glasses in your hand, your fingers naturally slide up and come to a rest on the bowl.

On the other hand — when serious thought has been given to the way a piece of stemware sits in your hands, the fingers should naturally come to a rest at the neck, without you having to consciously think about it.

Not in the middle of the stem. And not on the bowl.

But just at the point where they join.

From here, you have full control of the glass.

You can swirl the wine around in the bowl and release its deepest aromas and bouquets, without breaking etiquette and dirtying the glass with your fingerprints. (A gesture that is not lost among certain company.)

You might have heard of Alex La Pratt.

He’s a master sommelier who works alongside double-Michelin-Star chef Daniel Boulud. His opinion carries a lot of weight in the world of wine.

La Pratt says: “There is no replacing the pleasure of drinking out of a mouth-blown glass.” And, you know what? It’s because of small details like this.

The Aurora Cabernet Wine Glass is made for wine lovers.

For people like our Clan Morven members, who want to elevate their enjoyment and appreciation of fine wines. Aesthetes who are sensitive to the finer, more sophisticated nuances of life’s simple pleasures.

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