In a previous post, we spoke about the colors of our glassware.

About how each piece in the Aurora Collection is an expression of the rare, almost mythical, northern lights of the Scottish Highlands — and the way they create a kaleidoscope of heavenly color when you hold them up to the light.

It’s almost like the aurora is recreated in your home.

And when you’re enjoying a glass of wine outside, the way the sun shines through them paints your table with dancing ripples of jade and purple.

This is an effect that all your guests will notice.

Today, I want to tell you about another feature of this glassware. It’s a more subtle effect, and chances are your friends and family won’t notice this. At least not at first. Not until they look at your works of art more closely.

In fact, you might not have noticed this feature yet either. Because you can’t see it from the photos on our website. It’s something you can only appreciate when you hold your glassware in your hands and feel it sit in your fingers.

What feature am I talking about?

Not only is every piece in the Aurora Collection hand-painted — it is also mouth-blown by a skilled glass smith, created with a specific craft of glass blowing that has been practiced, perfected, and handed down from master to apprentice since the days of the Roman Republic.

(Areas of Scotland were once part of the Roman Empire.)

The glass is heated to 1,600-1,800°F, and then it is shaped and guided with a blowing technique that simply cannot be replicated by any machine.

After the piece cools and has been polished, another artisan paints a unique interpretation of our Aurora pattern onto the outside of the glass.

Do you realize what this means?

Every piece of art, while part of the same family, is a unique creation.

In fact, if you ordered several pieces as part of a set, then I’m sure you’d notice this right away. They look great together. But each piece also has its own character. It’s a unique expression of our vision — the one I shared with you in my previous email. This is something our customers treasure.

Some people crave uniformity. They want every piece of their glassware to look identical — not just with each other, but with those of the “typical” home too. And for these folks, a set of Ikea or Walmart glassware is just perfect.

But our customers — members of Clan Morven — they love the fact that every piece in their collection is a unique creation, while, at the same time, a part of something bigger.

Much like a gathering of family and friends!

If you take a look at the different pieces in our Aurora Collection, you’ll see what I’m talking about. Click the link below and see for yourself.

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