Do you own any Aurora Glassware?

Because, if you do, then I think you might appreciate this review we just received. It’s from Sharon, another one of our Clan Morven members.

(It’s one of several reviews for the Aurora Stemless Wine Glass.)

She wrote:

“Beautiful glassware! Almost too pretty to use.”

We hear this sentiment a lot. Especially from folks who are building a complete set of luxury glassware, and waiting patiently for each new piece in the Aurora Collection to become available for sale. Part of them wants to use their new glasses, to share them with friends. However, another part of them wants to keep their pride and joy locked away in their display cabinet, to be brought out only for the most special occasions. Seen, not touched.

Maybe you feel this way too.

If so, I’d like to share a few words of advice.

I too have a treasured collection of Aurora Glassware. These stunning works of art sit in a Mahogany cabinet, and whenever friends or family visit they always marvel at how gorgeous they look. I’m often tempted to leave them alone, especially if my visitors have young children with them.

Until I see them on the table.

Because the only thing more beautiful that a collection of luxury stemware behind glass is a collection of luxury stemware in the hands of happy guests, filled with wine and being clinked gently to the sound of laughter.

If a glass gets chipped, no problem.

I own spares, which are safely stored away in my attic.

This wee “insurance policy” means that I can bring out my most treasured glassware every time we have guests, and still enjoy peace of mind.

And it’s something I would encourage all of our customers to do.

The skills that our glass blowers and artists possess are extremely rare, and very few apprentices are joining this trade. There is a good chance that, within a generation or two, glassware like this will no longer be made.

If you love your Aurora Glassware and have space to store some spare pieces, you might want to consider purchasing some more as well.

Remember, every piece comes in its own gift box, with enough protective foam to keep it safe and intact for many, many decades.

You can browse through our online store and see which pieces we have in stock by clicking one of the buttons below. (If it’s in stock, it means we can ship it from our warehouse in Omaha and have it in your hands in just a few days.)

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