A while ago, we received a lovely review.

It was from a dear customer of ours named Patricia — who bides in Syracuse, NY — and I wanted to share it with you today, because it describes a quality of our Aurora Collection glasses that, IMHO, is vastly underrated.

It’s also a quality that is now, sadly, much rarer in 2021.

Here’s what Patricia wrote:

“I just received the remainder of my orders for these glasses. After looking at all eight glasses ordered, I can see the unique beauty in each one of a kind glass. I can’t wait to give these at Christmas.”

It’s a difficult quality to explain.

When you have a collection of, say, eight Aurora Cabernet Wine Glasses, and you lay them all out on the table for your guests to admire, it’s like a wee gathering of friends and family. Each one is different, and has a unique charm and character. But you can see that they’re also cut form the same cloth.

The glasses all have the same graceful curves and silhouette.

The same stunning colors of the aurora borealis.

The same detail in the brush strokes.

Yet… each is also special.

A one-off creation that will never again be seen in this world.

And, I believe, this is what makes them exquisite.

If you don’t yet own any of these beautiful works of art, or are on the fence about acquiring some more, I’d urge you to click the button below and order some now, while we still have them in stock. Because, when they run out, it could be a while before another shipment arrives from our workshops.
Remember, every glass comes with our Satisfaction Guarantee.

If you’re not thrilled with your investment, all you need to do is hit reply and let me know. We’ll send new glasses to you or provide a cheerful refund.
(Read some of our reviews. We’re as good as our word.)

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