The Aurora Collection

Gorgeous Glassware. Designed in the Scottish Highlands. Mouth-Blown and Hand-Painted by Skilled Artisans.

In Scotland, the Aurora Borealis is a rare, almost mythical occurrence. Glowing gently above the mountains and ancient castles of the Highlands, it’s an elusive wonder that very few people ever see — though none can ever forget.

We set out to create a collection of luxury glassware that captures the serene and fleeting beauty of this moment — so that you can enjoy it at home and at your dinner table, any time of the year, and share it with your friends and those you love.

Inspired by the Aurora Borealis

The Highlands of Scotland are not as far north as Norway or Lapland. Because of this, our Aurora Borealis is both rarer and more colorful. For a few seconds, the winter sky transforms into a kaleidoscope of color — rich hues of purple, indigo, and jade.

Crafted by 2,000 Years of Tradition

Every piece has been carefully created by a skilled artisan, using the same art of glassblowing that has been practiced since the days of the Roman Republic, before the birth of Jesus. It takes more than 10 years for an apprentice to develop the skill and dexterity required to shape these delicate works of art.

Hand-Painted with Love

After coming out of the kiln and cooling, every glass is painted by the gentle hands of our artists. We spent more than 90 hours experimenting with different hues, creating a palette of colors that faithfully expresses the Aurora Borealis of the Scottish Highlands.

Statement Glassware

When you take your treasured works of art out the cupboard, and your guests first set eyes upon them, you know they will gasp at how beautiful they look. They are a talking point. Because each piece has a unique aesthetic that is all but impossible to ignore.

Heirloom Quality

This is the kind of glassware and decanter collection that you will want to bequeath to your children and grandchildren. Unique, hand-crafted works of art that are becoming rarer and rarer in this modern era of mass-production. Glassware to treasure.

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