Red wine is supposed to be stored and served at room temperature.

Or, at least — that’s what many of us have been told.

In truth, the ideal temperature for enjoying most red wines is slightly cooler than the average person’s home. Around 18°C to be exact.

What does this mean?

If you want to fully appreciate your best reds — and really savor the full depths of its aromas, bouquet, and flavors the way its creator intended — you need to chill it down ever so slightly.

One way is to place the bottle in your fridge for about an hour before you open it. Or, better yet, store it in a wine cooler that is set to ~18°C.

This small tip can make a big difference to how you experience the wine.

Another small thing you can do that helps you get the best out of your favorite red wines is to decant every bottle before you share it with friends.

I keep several Aurora Wine Decanters in my home.

When it’s time to uncork a bottle of delicious Bordeaux, I simply take it from the cooler, empty it into a decanter and keep it aside for a few minutes.


Because cooler wines often need a few minutes in a decanter to fully interact with the air and “open up” before they are ready to be poured into a glass.

Plus, as an added bonus, it gives me an “excuse” to bring out one of my favorite pieces in the Aurora Collection and share it with my guests.

(Something that never fails to start an interesting conversation.)

So, consider cooling down slightly your reds before serving them. And, if you don’t yet own an Aurora Wine Decanter, consider getting one too. Because these two details can often make a great wine even better.

Slàinte Mhath!

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