Behold the following customer review.

It’s something we’ve heard from quite a few Clan Morven members. And it’s actually a real phenomenon. There are scientific studies to back it up.

Mary, from Danville in New Hampshire, wrote:

“My son loved these- he said it even made an ok Chardonnay taste better.”

A glass that makes an “okay” wine taste better?

This isn’t as far-fetched as it sounds.

Our Celtic cousins across the Irish sea have often asserted that Guinness tastes better when it is served on the Emerald Isle. For many years, I just wrote this off as patriotic pride. Until I stumbled upon a scientific study.

It was published in the Journal of Food Science.

A team of researchers carried out a rigorous study, which involved drinking 103 pints of Guinness around the world and carefully documenting every last aspect of the experience — the temperature inside the pub, noise level, experience of the bartender, whether he or she had Irish ancestry, etc.

Their conclusion?

A pint of Guinness really does taste better in Ireland.

But not for the reason you might think.

It turns out that what we think of as “taste” is influenced by the full experience of all of our senses, and how we associate them with our memories.

Another Clan Morven member named Mark wrote in his review:

“The craftsmanship of the glasses are exquisite and somewhat mystical! They brought great pleasure to my wife and I for our Valentines weekend. Looking through the glasses’ prism of color, filled with a favorite red wine and as the glass turns ever so slightly, images of pleasant moments gone by seem to appear! Thank you”

All of us know one or two snobs who insist on always drinking their wine out of plain, colorless glasses, so they can experience it “unadulterated”.

This is something they don’t get:

A large part of what they think of as the “aroma” or “bouquet” of the wine, or, especially, its “taste”, is actually projected into the wine by their brain.

When you pour a Chardonnay into an Aurora Cabernet Wine Glass and then bring it to your lips, you’re not just savoring the wine. You are savoring the sweet memories of precious moments gone by. It’s all there.

This is one of the reasons why our glasses can make an “okay” Chardonnay taste wonderful. And it’s something many wine snobs will never grasp.

A plain, colorless wine glass will never make your heart jump like an Aurora Cabernet Wine Glass. It won’t ever make your guests gasp out loud, ask you where it comes from, and marvel as you share your memories of Scotland.

When you hold it close the candlelight, it won’t project the stunning hues of the Northern Lights onto your wall and ceiling like your glasses do.

A glass of wine is never just a glass of wine.

It’s an experience. One that should engage all your senses, and make your heart sing with joy. One that should evoke precious memories.

Don’t you agree?

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