As you probably know, every piece in the Aurora Collection is a unique work of art that has been mouth-blown and hand-painted by skilled artisans.

They take enormous pride in their work — and rightly so.

They practice a craft that has been handed down from generation to generation, ever since the time of the Ancient Romans, before the birth of Jesus Christ. However, in a generation or so, their craft may be no more.

A short while ago, when I was visiting our workshops, one of the foremen explained to me that it takes ten years to perfect the art of blowing glass.

Ten years of careful practice.

Ten long years of toil, sweat, and tears.

And many, many, thousands of pieces made.

All under the watchful supervision of a respected master.

That is what it takes for an apprentice to become skilled in the ancient art of blowing glass. It is the way this craft has been taught for 2,000+ years.

Here’s the thing, though:

For various reasons, very few young people are entering this profession. Perhaps it is a consequence of the “instant gratification” culture we live in, or maybe it is because there are other, more attractive, career paths now.

Whatever the reasons, one thing is clear: when the current generation of workers retire, and most of them are over the age of 50, there will be very few artisans left who can create luxury glassware with their bare hands.

This gives an investment in Aurora glassware special value.

Every piece in the Aurora Collection is a unique expression of the aurora borealis — an expression of the awe you feel if you’re lucky enough to witness this rare dance of heavenly color under the winter Highland skies.

More than that, though, it is an artefact — an exemplar of an art, a tradition, and, some might say, an ethos that may no longer exist in the future.

This makes it all the more precious.

And it is the reason why so many of our customers write to tell us how they plan on passing down their Aurora glassware as a family heirloom.

A wonderful legacy to leave to your children — don’t you agree?

If you’ve not done so for a while, I invite you to browse through the Aurora Collection and take a look at some of the reviews from our customers.

Remember — every piece is covered by our satisfaction guarantee. When you take your artwork out the box and hold it up to the light, if it does not take your breath away, we’ll offer you a cheerful replacement or a full refund. No strings. No excuses. Because we stand by our work 100%.

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