Savoir faire is a quality we talk about often here.

It’s what separates the refined from the uncultured. It’s what distinguishes those with earned, worldly experience from those who have merely read about la dolce vita in a trendy magazine or saw it on Facebook.

When it comes to serving fine drinks to your guests, the most obvious mark of savoir faire is your choice of glassware — and the thought that goes into it.

How you choose to serve your drinks reveals so much about you.

Subtle cues that most people, especially younger folks, might miss, but which are immediately obvious to more distinguished company.

Here’s why:

Superficially, glassware would appear to be a matter of style.

And, to a certain extent, it is.

However, different types of glassware also serve important functional purposes too, albeit most of these purposes can only be appreciated by those with more experience and refinement — folks like you who appreciate the finer things in life and, most likely, the kind of company you keep.

So, in a sense, you might call it a “secret handshake”.

Take the daiquiri, for example.

(It’s one of the six “basic drinks” that David Embury details in his classic book, The Fine Art of Mixing Drinks — and is a great staple for barbeques, summer pool parties, or evenings spent on the terrace watching the sun set.)

Most regular folks would serve it in a “normal” (i.e. highball) glass.

There’s nothing wrong with that, except that after 5-10 minutes the liquid starts to become too warm and it quickly loses its refreshing appeal!

Those of us with savoir faire know that a daiquiri — and, indeed, almost any drink that is to be served “up” — really belongs in a martini glass.

Small detail, but it makes a huge difference.

This is what we mean by savoir faire.

It’s a value that we hold dear to our hearts, here at Morven Scotland, and I’m going to keep talking about this virtue and sharing tips with you.

So, make sure you keep reading these blogs. (When you order any piece from the Aurora Collection, you will regularly receive articles like this in your inbox. These are really a complimentary service for our valued customers.)

More importantly, though:

Apply some of these tips and put them to the test with your own glassware. Perhaps hold “mock” cocktail parties with your kids or grandkids.

(It never does any harm to teach some of these concepts to them. It might come in useful as they get older and enter the world of adults.)

And, of course, if need be, invest in acquiring the appropriate glassware too, right now — so that you don’t have to worry about being caught short.

That’s how you cultivate savoir faire.

Believe me — when you’re hosting family, friends, or even professional acquaintances or new neighbors, the right people will notice.

That’s the secret handshake of the savoir faire.

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