Did you know, today is National Cocktail Day?

Since 2014, every 24th day of March has been designated, at least in the United States, as the day when we have to celebrate fine cocktails!

So, it’s only appropriate that I share another one of our favorite cocktail recipes with you today. And since spring is just around the corner, I thought you might like to share a glass of White Wine Sangria with your friends.

It’s a beautifully refreshing cocktail. It is also fast and easy to prepare, which makes it perfect for when you are entertaining people in your home.

Not as heavy, or indeed passionate, as the “classic” red wine sangria, this variation is more gentle, more delicate, and more refreshing.

Like a cool breeze on a spring-time afternoon.

IMPORTANT NOTE about glassware — This is a cocktail for sharing, so you will need some kind of jug or pitcher. I’d recommend the Aurora Water Pitcher, especially if you plan on serving your guests’ drinks in your stunning Aurora glasses. You will probably need at least two pitchers per table.

What you’ll need:

Bottle of cava (Spanish sparkling wine); some brandy; a bottle of club soda; white sugar; 3 oranges; a lemon; a lime

Here’s how you make it:

(As I said, this recipe is easy and simple, provided you have everything you need to hand. However, you need to complete steps 1-6 the day before.)

  1. Cut your oranges, lemon, and lime into wedges.
  2. Take the lemon and lime wedges, and squeeze the juice into the pitcher. Make sure you catch any seeds in your hand. Remove any remaining seeds from the wedges and toss them into the pitcher.
  3. Pour the bottle of cava into the pitcher.
  4. Squeeze the juice from the orange wedges into the pitcher, then discard the wedges. Add the sugar, along with two ounces of brandy.
  5. Stir until the sugar has dissolved.
  6. Leave your sangria mix to chill in the fridge overnight. (This helps “marry” the different flavors, making your sangria smoother.)
  7. Add two cups of club soda when ready to serve.
  8. Voilà!

I told you this recipe is easy. We make this quite often in McLeod household, especially when the hot weather arrives and we hold our first barbeques and garden parties.

Enjoy! And, if you share this with your friends, please send us a photo.

Slàinte Mhath!

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