As you may know, we here at Morven Scotland love champagne.

Now, maybe it’s because of the new shipment of Aurora Champagne Flutes that are coming and all the excitement it generated, but I’ve received quite a few messages over the last few days asking for my thoughts on prosecco.

After all, during the last few years, prosecco seems to have taken the world of wine by storm. (Italian producers raised their glasses and toasted to their best year ever in 2018, thanks for soaring demand in the United States.)

Now, a lot of my friends absolutely love a glass of the Italian spumante. It’s deliciously refreshing, and wonderful value. So, I can see why.

However, I personally prefer champagne over prosecco.

In my humble opinion, champagne has a deeper, more complex flavor and aroma.


It all comes down to an important difference in the winemaking process.

You see, champagne is fermented using the “traditional” method. What this means is, the secondary fermentation — the stage that gives champagne its fizz — takes place in its final bottle.

Prosecco, on the other hand, is fermented entirely in a large tank, and then bottled under pressure after the process has been completed.

Why is this difference important?

“Lees” (pronounced as in “Bruce Lee”).

These are the dead yeast cells that are left over after this crucial secondary fermentation.

Far from being a waste product, over time these lees add flavor, texture, and complexity to the wine as it matures. It’s actually a vital part of the winemaking process for champagne — and it doesn’t happen with prosecco.

You don’t have to be a sommelier to appreciate the difference in champagne compared to prosecco. And given the fact that our customers have a penchant for sophistication, I’m sure you will notice it too.

Slàinte Mhath!

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